The IFAM Conference is included in the mooting package. It is also open for non-mooters who would like to attend. The Conference is an excellent networking opportunity and includes a standing gala dinner the same evening! To sign-up, head over to our registration page.


See what happened at the IFAM Conference 2023

The first IFAM Conference was held on Saturday 29 April 2023 at the Hotel Aromar, Platja d’Aro. The Conference fielded an incredible line-up of leading experts in football, including lawyers, regulators, agents and more. The Conference covered a variety of topics, notably on current issues and trends. Attendees had the chance to hear multiple perspectives on the most interesting talking points of the day and an opportunity to engage our speakers and put their questions to them.



How I Became a Sports Lawyer – My Journey

Moderator: Ashwyn Aulak

Panel: Lucas Ferrer, Claude Ramoni, Shaylla Shabbir, Elektra Tounta

Professionalisation of National Football Associations: Ethics, Integrity and Governance Challenges Ahead

Speakers: Rodrigo Arias Grillo, Sarah Solémalé, Juan Crespo, Efraim Barak

The Premier Leagues Dominance: Proof for the need of the European Super League

Moderator: Alessandro Carlini

Panel: Kenneth Asquez, José Lasa

The New Horizons of Sports Technology

Speaker: Juan Fuentes Fernandez

The Football Transfer System: More Power to Players?

Moderator: Botond Pintér

Panel: Alberto Ruiz de Aguiar Diaz-Obregón, Nilo Effori

The Conference will run between 15:00 and 19:00 (subject to minor change).

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