Day 1
25 Apr 2024
Day 2
26 Apr 2024
Day 3
27 Apr 2024

Opening Ceremony

The ceremony will comprise of a welcome talk followed by a series of lectures delivered by sports lawyers

Moots Round 1

We begin the first round of the mooting competition where all teams will have one hearing.

Sports Night

To end the first day, enjoy a relaxed evening on the beach where you can join in some fun sports or grab a drink!

Moots Round 2

The second day of the event gives full focus to the mooting competition and we begin where we left off the previous night. Each team will have a second hearing.

Moots Semi Finals

The top four teams of the competition will qualify to face off in the Semi Finals.

Spanish Night

After all the hard work of the participants, we will host a ‘Spanish Night’ social event where participants can enjoy the tastes of Spain at an ambient venue.

Moots Finals

The finals of the IFAM will be judged by a premier panel in front of a large audience – you don’t want to miss this show!

The IFAM Conference

An afternoon of round-tables and panel events discussing a variety of current issues in the world of football law from the leading experts.


The last event of the IFAM is a truly fitting finale, a gala with all the arbitrators, a luxurious evening ideal for networking and of course for having fun.

Please note that the following takes place before the event:

26 January – Registration closes

29 January – Moot commences

6-8 February – Football Moot Crash Course

8 March – Submission of Appeals        

12 April – Submission of Responses

22 April – Submission of Skeletons for Hearings